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Financial aid

In addition to the Presidential Scholarship, Strong Academy offers two programs designed to help defray the costs of school.

Work-Study Assistance

Strong Academy will assist all students in finding employment, either with the Academy or through a third-party employer.  Although Strong Academy cannot guarantee such employment it is very likely that every student who wants to take advantage of the work-study assistance program will be able to do so.

Strong Academy schedules classes in afternoon blocks that allow the maximum amount of time for students to work during regular business hours, either during the week or on the weekends.  With a minimum amount of travel time between school and work, most students will have little trouble arranging for up to 20 hours per week of work during the semester.  Most students who work such part time jobs during the semester and who work full time during the summer will work approximately 1400 hours in a year.  At a modest rate of $8/hour, a student would earn enough to pay for 100% of their educational expenses.

Possible sources of employment include:

  • Third-party employers in the community surrounding Strong Academy
  • Strong Academy itself, as positions become available
  • Freelancing work through any online clearinghouse (vWorker.com, eLance.com, etc.)

Strong Academy maintains a network of contacts both locally and online that can assist in finding employment for most students who want it.

Strong Academy Loans

Students who need to finance all or part of their education will benefit from Strong Academy’s loan program.

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