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Strong Academy helps you learn the most important skills for successfully starting and managing your own business.  Each year, entrepreneurial students matriculate in a cohort, which follows the same sequence of courses over a 21-month period.  Your coursework will help prepare you for the real world of business, and you won’t take classes in theoretical, impractical disciplines.

The Entrepreneur Certification course sequence stresses five primary disciplines.  They are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Marketing
  3. Communication
  4. Management
  5. Economics

In addition to these areas, each semester has a one credit hour seminar class, in which you progressively survey various areas of entrepreneurship, research one area, and prepare a business plan for that area.  By the completion of the program, you will have a well-researched and well-critiqued business plan that you can implement as you start or build upon your own business.

All of your coursework is designed to be practical and not theoretical.  You will learn skills that you will actually use in running your own business.  In math, you’ll study problem solving and estimation, not calculus.  In economics, you’ll learn how to build a better business strategy, not memorize a bunch of theories.  You will read great books of the business world and interview and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

The program is 64 credit hours long, completed in four semesters.  See a sample course sequence.

For information on class times and the yearly academic calendar, please see schedules.

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